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September 2010: Regretfully I no longer have the time to update these pages. But I realise people find them useful, so I'm making no effort to remove them. Note, though, that they are not being updated and you are very likely to find the odd broken link. Sorry about that. Often the resource has only moved, and if you Google the name associated with the link you'll find what you're looking for.

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Stuff for everyone

- home page
- Chemcasts

- A periodic table to print out
- Periodic table videos
- Interactive periodic table

- Freezeray (was Great Barr)
- How Stuff Works (science)

- Brain-boosting puzzles!

Links for Years 7, 8 and 9

- BBC KS3 Bitesize science
- Bitesize Science Challenge
- Kinetic City science games

- Doc Brown's Chemistry, KS3
- Fear of Physics
- Yahooligans Biology

Links for Years 10 and 11

- BBC Bitesize Chemistry
- Doc Brown's Chemistry, GCSE
- S-Cool Chemistry
- Creative Chemistry, GCSE

- BBC Bitesize Physics
- Fear of Physics
- S-Cool Physics
- The electromagnetic spectrum

- BBC Bitesize Biology
- Yahooligans Biology
- S-Cool Biology

- ScI-Journal (coursework help)

Links for Years 12 and 13

- S-Cool AS & A2 Chemistry
- Creative Chemistry, AS A2
- Doc Brown's Chemistry, AS A2


- Chemguide
- Organic reaction mechanisms

Links for teachers

- (resources)
- upd8 (topical resources)
- Tutor hunt (private tutors)
- The TES homepage

Exam-related info

- The Paper Bank (exam papers)
- (inc. SATs papers)
- CGP revision guides

- OCR exam board
- AQA exam board
- EDEXCEL exam board

Official stuff

- QCA KS3 schemes of work
- Science National Curriculum

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